Jamer123 - linger: Abusing the golden rule

Jamer123: Abusing the golden rule and unreasonable ban.

Subject: Linger

Do you want this complaint to be made public after it is processed: Yes

Policies or Expectations Violated: “Open use of contraband or syndicate equipment without very good reason.”

Detailed Summary: I was playing as hos. Syndies were confirmed. Confiscated contraband such as the acolyte armor and emag. EVENTS. Multiple bombings, medbay being bombed, botany growing gatfruit. Massacre of secoffs in chaplain. Captain getting killed and the nuke disc being gone, which is an immediate threat to the station since the nuke now can be activated, roleplay ofc I know syndies cant blow up the nuke. All this happened and I decided to use and emag and armor for my and captains saftey. I emmaged a medic borg to make it fixed to me and the crew, and not be allowed to get emmaged back by a syndie, so command and security can have a borg which can be relied on as an alternative source of healing, since medbay keeps getting bombed. I used the acolyte armor to fight syndies and to retrieve the dead captain, aswell as to get the nuke disc back. An admin contacted me about emmaging the borg, saying its powergaming.

“Don’t rush for or prepare equipment unrelated to your job for no purpose other than to have it “just in case” or to make it “for the end round” (referred to as “powergaming”).”

Rule about powergaming.

Emagging the borg was related to my job, as it creates a safe way to get healing for captain, whom is my upmost priority, sec too. And as predicted, captain died, and the borg helped me. 

Now Jamer123 jumped into the situation, saying Im role banned for 3 days for the use of contraband. Ive explained it to him that Ive followed the rules of contraband. Take note that this was already resolved by the other admin.

“Open use of contraband or syndicate equipment without very good reason.”

Rule about security.

Jamer123 made up his own rule, saying that contraband can ONLY be used against nukies. Ive explained it to him 3 times that I have had a good reason; Captain dying, Nuke disc gone, c20 bundle, botany growing gatfruits, massacre in chaplain, MULTIPLE bombings as well as medbay getting bombed, and much more. However he keeps denying it as a good reason, saying that a good reason is If my suit is stolen then I can use contraband ??? Anyways, I gave him a really good reason and he had complete disregard for it. At the end of an appeal he said that if I keep arguing with him that I will get a game ban. Im fucking defending myself, and my case. This is just bullshit. He also used me saying a fucking joke as hop against my case.

Action taken: I am very upset that admins can just make up their own rules, since it can go horribly wrong. Different admins are different people which have different opinions on shit. Him using the golden rule “Admins can disregard any and all rules if they deem it in the best interest of the current round, server, and/or community at large.” for hos using contraband to save captain is just complete bullshit. Golden rule should be used for mass sabotage, self antag, and any other SERVER THREATENING OR COMMUNITY AT LARGE stuff. I just the admin to realize that what he did was too much. 

Is this a duplicate of the complaint you posted earlier?



My previous post was denied due to me stating this. “I just want my ban lifted and the admin to realize that what he did was too much.” You said this, " You cannot make a complaint about an active ban or a ban that failed to be appealed"

I removed it and posted it.

This complaint is rejected.


  1. A prior complaint was rejected without being evaluated due to not meeting the requirements to make a complaint. https://forum.spacestation14.com/index.php?/topic/3746-jamer123-linger-abusing-the-golden-rule-and-unreasonable-ban/&do=embed
  2. This complaint is nearly an exact copy of the prior complaint, it is still a complaint about a ban.
  3. The complainant has still not met the same requirements to make this complaint, and has not attempted to appeal their ban.
  4. The incident that this complaint is about occurred between Leviathan rounds 46311 and 46316.

Resulting Actions

  1. Due to the combination of findings 1, 2, and 3, the complainant may not make another complaint about the role bans placed during the incident, or about any other admin action or interaction which occurred during the incident, including ahelps.