Jerg, banned on discord, no explanation given

Discord account: horst4567
Date of ban: friday, november 18th, 2023
Events leading to the ban: the last post i made, someone posted an image of a cat REALLY dead, someone asked what happened to the cat, my reply was “death”, its worth noting that i was banned from nairod’s hrp server on wednesday because “i made undisclosed persons uncomfortable in undisclosed ways”
Reason the ban should be removed: if you search my discord handle, John bozelli,  you will see all i have done is chat in the discord, post cute stories, and beg nukies to do gimmicks instead of stealth ops, i have spoken no ill words to anyone in or outside of the discord server’s domain, and feel i am being targeted for unknown reasons, and im certain the record will show my conduct has been clean and civil and that this is an unfair ban that was doled out without due warning, justification, or explanation.

1 hour ago, Jerg said:

i am being targeted for unknown reasons

If you have any evidence that you are being targeted, other than the fact that you were banned, or if you have anything else that you’d like to share privately, please send it to me through a forum DM within the next 24 hours and make a post on this appeal indicating that you have sent me a DM. If you need more than 24 hours to be able to collect or provide this information, please make a post on this thread within 24 hours indicating that you intend to send a DM, but that you’ll need more than 24 hours.

Appeals are generally considered separately, but since the reasons for these bans are the same, communication will likely be focused on the game ban appeal so that there aren’t duplicates of everything.


Project managers have decided to accept this appeal. We do not believe there is sufficient evidence that allowing you to be in the discord server would be harmful or dangerous to the community that a ban can be justified.

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