Jerg-Mirror banned on all servers

Ban reason: Unexplained mirror ban on all servers

Length of ban: permanent
Events leading to the ban: my last round i was just doing salvage in the mrp server, everything was normal fare, i saw a sec shoot someone and rp’d being angry, that is all
Reason the ban should be removed: I do not like sounding like a strange person or anything, but my conduct on all of the servers, after being corrected for a few ignorant words that i have never used since, has been quite stellar, i’ve made lots of friends in mrp ever since getting the whitelist. i feel like im being targeted by someone, as there has been zero explanation and again, my conduct has been quite excellent and i’ve even worked with admins at times to spice up rounds for others, im positive my records will attest to that, at the very least i deserve to know what people think i have done wrong

1 hour ago, Jerg said:

i feel like im being targeted by someone

If you have any evidence that you are being targeted, other than the fact that you were banned, or if you have anything else that you’d like to share privately, please send it to me through a forum DM within the next 24 hours and make a post on this appeal indicating that you have sent me a DM. If you need more than 24 hours to be able to collect or provide this information, please make a post on this thread within 24 hours indicating that you intend to send a DM, but that you’ll need more than 24 hours.

dm sent

I’ve received a DM and shared it with project managers

I’ve received 2 more DMs within the same thread and shared them with project managers

I’ve received 1 more DM within the same thread and shared it with project managers

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been given permission to share more info about the bans:

We received multiple reports that you distributed and solicited sexual content from members of the community in ways that made them uncomfortable. None of your DMs to me so far appear to address this. Please feel free to say anything regarding this either on this appeal or in the same DM thread you sent the other appeal messages to. Do not publicly post any information that may identify someone you had these conversations with, doing so, including on this appeal, will likely result in your posts requiring moderator approval at least until the conclusion of this appeal.

Since my last update, I’ve forwarded 4 additional DMs to PMs.

PMs are currently investigating, verifying, and discussing the information provided in these DMs

Since my last update, I received but did not relay 6 DMs. The DMs were summarized, but not relayed because the information in them was not necessary for PMs to consider this appeal.

Project managers have decided to accept this appeal. We do not believe there is sufficient evidence that allowing you to play would be harmful or dangerous to the community that a ban can be justified.

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