Job Ban Appeal

SS14 account: larme
Character name: Allisson Basmanoff
When was the ban: mid-day 4/8/22
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard (maybe all?)
Your side of the story: I was talking on the general Discord chat and a debate about whether harmbatons should be used broke out and i took the stance of “you should use it as long as you dont hit the person you’re trying to arrest like 10 times” people went against me on this until i made a mostly satirical joke about me wishing one of the game admins would let us harmbaton a known group of self-antaggers and trollers (morb-heads)
Why you think you should be unbanned: I realize now in hind-sight why my joke could have been taken the wrong way and I do admit I went a bit far with my joke without directly suggesting it was a joke in the first place, but i feel personally it was slightly unfair in the admins reaction. A simple verbal warning i think would have been sufficient instead of jumping right to a full-blown ban. I thought i brought a pretty good HOS role to the server and i believe i was generally pretty trusted and competent with the role as i never had any real complaints during the time using it, plus it’s the role i feel i fit best in and can perform better in than other jobs.

I dont see a ban against your account, is this in regards to a jobban?

Yes, I believe I was jobbanned from the whole sec category as whenever I enter a round and try to select a sec officer it just goes back to the lobby, even if the role is available. I don’t think it can be a bug as others are playing sec.

Nah. You were jobbanned for repeatedly insisting that harmbatonning people for every arrest is the correct way to play security. We decided you shouldn’t be playing security.

Appeal in two weeks.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals