JoeHammad - ban appeal for implied racism

Ban reason: [insinuated that players being gibbed was a form of station racism, also telling borgs to kill themselves and that they “had to comply” because of law 2. enough notes to fill a book. enoughs enough]

Length of ban: [Appeal only, banned on 5/1/24]

Events leading to the ban: [I was the captain, i walked into the bridge and saw out the window a man with very dark skin get get gibbed (and if i remember correctly, i then hopped on the announcement console and said something similar to “Racism is on station! a man has been gibbed because of his race!” I was later informed by an admin that that person had been metacomming and was smited and asked why i announced that, to which i replied truthfully. about 2 minutes later, as i was talking to someone my character was deleted and i was banned. i do not know how succession of power was handled.

i told the borg to kill itself because it was calling me weird (dont remember why), it did not comply]

Reason the ban should be removed:

  1. as i remember (i cant run adminremarks in the ban screen) my notes were minor and had a decent amount of time between them, with some more serious ones such as premature EORD a couple months ago when i first got back into the game (and i was properly punished) and the metamonkey incident

  2. i like to say some edgy things sometimes, and have been banned for it before, i was hesitant to announce what i did, but i did anyway because i didn’t think it was as extreme as that time i said allah akbah before bombing the bar as the chaplain (which i have served time for). it was incredibly stupid of me to announce that , but going forward i will have this ban in mind as a strong deterrent

  3. I told the borg to kill itself because it called me weird, as a joke of course. the humour lies in the over-reaction. additionally, if i was a borg and was told to kill myself, i would comply

also, last time I got in trouble for this kind of thing was two months ago

also, also, in two days i will be on holiday for 2 weeks and wont be able to access ss14

This appeal has been put to the admin team for a discussion and vote. The consensus is accept the appeal and reduce the ban from indefinite to 2 months.
The main reasons being cited are that a long ban is required is due to you having an extensive history of warning notes and previous bans here and in other parts of the community(github) that do not seem to be course correcting behaviors. We believe that a longer ban will give you an opportunity to come back in a couple of months with a hopefully better alignment.
Appeal accepted - Ban will lift 2 months from the ban on March 4th 2024 (04/03/2024).

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