JoeHammad1844 - github ban appeal

GitHub account: [JoeHammad1844]

Date of ban: [29/October/2023]

Events leading to the ban: [Numerous “Powercreepy” PR’s]


Reason the ban should be removed: [I’m going to be honest, I’m pretty dumb, I’m kindof a brick (on and offline) and I didn’t completely get what I was doing wrong, but the ban was the wake up call i needed and I understand the message: no more giving jobs/nukies roundstart utility/weapons/resources. From now on i’ll focus my PR’s on mapping and cosmetic changes, E.G. my aspid cargo expansion PR and giving paramedics blue shoes (if im unbanned of course), and no more making like 5 PR’s in a day]

The maintainer team has decided to accept this appeal, you should be able to write comments and open PRs on the repository again.

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