Just blame

SS14 account:  akide_sekeri
Character name:  Astrid Balenciaga
When was the Ban: 15.02.2022, Wizard’s Den Lizard

I am sending you this message to tell you what kind of player I am if I get banned again for such reasons one day. I didn’t play because I was working my job on SS13 at that time. But before entering the game, I read the whole new wikipedia page and started playing that way. And I try to experience this new version .

Your side of the story:  If I had to tell the story. It’s something that happened to me two rounds in a row. Someone comes up to me, meets me, kicks and attacks, and when I respond, I’m in a coma. Then they say rdm or metagaming is done. This situation bothered me a lot at the end of the first round. When the same thing happened at the beginning of my second game, I did ‘rage quit’. I don’t want my ban to be opened. Yes, you heard right. I can’t re-enter the game when I’m so angry, I need to calm down a bit and get away. But know that because of the majority of people, that person is not listened to and is executed. So even if I hadn’t ‘rage quit’ , the result would not have changed…
because it would take 20 minutes before someone came to listen to me …

Why do you think you should be banned:I can wait 3 days, this is not a problem for me. If the accused person is not in a position to defend himself, if he is not active, there is not much that can be done, I am aware of this. I agree with you that this rule should definitely be applied when ‘rage quit’ is done like me. I am not an ordinary gamer. You must have understood the reason why I threw this ticket.

I’m gonna be real, this reads like it was fed through google translate and I don’t exactly follow. DM me on discord if you want to discuss further but I think you want the other party investigated?

From Accepted to Ban Appeals