just in general, what jobs do you feel are missing

IMO the main jobs that are missing are genetics and botany but both of those are likely difficult to code in, seeing as they deal with modifying entities

in the meantime are there any jobs you wish to see that could even potentially not be in the original SS13? like more specialised jobs, new departments etc…? this is more to draw attention to something that’s likely already being worked on. not all of these are for having fun, but to help the station stay running for a few more minutes.

off the top of my head i can think of a few specialised jobs, aside from roboticist, cyborg, A.I and geneticist, once features get further developed:

-shaft miner(more control over larger quantities of resources, basically salvage but for lavaland)

-electrical engineer (wirecutting and the like are irritating to deal with, and in 2125 a dedicated electrician seems like a good idea on an advanced civilian spacestation)

-surgeon (once people can actually be picked apart without turning inanimate once more/limb damage is coded in)

-receptionists (departments need someone up front to deal with the people in the lobby, and their mere presence adds an extra layer of security to departments)

-the detective/forensic technicians(trenchcoat and hat, a loaded viper in one pocket, and a set of random cigarettes and lighter, and a forensic analyser… all the trimmings that come with near complete sec access)

-blueshield (designed to protect the captain, especially if they’re incompetent with weapons and still a bit new on the job)

-comedian (basically there to tell jokes, as clowns are for practical humor, also there’s a 50/50 chance they spawn in a jester’s outfit and another 1/4 chance ontop of that as a rev, when those get added in)

-assistant (basically a passenger with all the greytider gear, but assigned to a random department and is to be instructed around, basically a general trainee job, meant to run errands between departments)

please come up with more jobs or modified versions of the above, i wanna see your ideas. Let’s see if we can get these added in their own time, and hopefully they can make the game better for all of us…


In general I like your ideas. But you have to keep in mind that hyperspecialization is kinda tricky if the station lacks the numbers for it. I don’t think boueshield would improve the game as making it harder for antags to succeed in killing captain and/or stealing certain items from them slows the game down.

Also I think the main problem is the lack of specific mechanics that can be assigned to the specific jobs, e.g. modfying genes, xenobiology etc.

I think aristocrat would be a really fun job. Like a passenger. But with a top hat and lots of space bucks. One for roleplay purposes. and would even make a better target for Antags then the captain IMO

Well isn’t centcomm official sorta that? Just give em some more money.

The problem in my opinion is that money is not that useful as a ingame ressource. TG tried to change that a bit resently with goodies and making things at last he’s cost money but there are still not enough incentives acquire money.

Maybe add an illegal market that spawns somewhere in space where you can buy syndie stuff or guns in exchange for money.

huh that would be interesting. that and money actually being used for vending machines in general; think it could also work to slow the greytide:

if passengers just start out with the least amount of money of any crew, just a hundred or so credits on hand, and the engidrobe is nearby, fully stocked and suspiciously available to the public, but the gloves are 10 credits more than they can get without depleting their cash in the ID. if they wanna be shitters, they have to work a bit for it, or just apply for a job and wait for an automatic payday that occurs every 15 minutes, filling the account of anyone who both works for NT and has a dedicated job.

I think implementing a working economy is hard but it could motivate players to perform their job. For example stuffing the chefs freezer with food should award botanists a bonus additionally to their basic pay. This bonus system for helping other departments or players could motivate players to RP their role and do their job instead of dicking around.

Additionally needed are things players want to spend their cash for. TG does this with goodies like weapons or other stuff. In my oppinion an upgraded spacesuit that allows you to move faster or other goodies that aren’t weapons would work too.

half of the things in the OP list are literally already in the game

The main thing I’d really love to see implemented is the explorer, I really like the idea of going to larger persistent areas with their own flavor. 


Journalist that basically exists to annoy sec and do talk shows on the station intercomm

Job-of-the-day jobs that actually have unique equipment and roles that chance the “flavor” of the station (research, agriculture, etc etc etc)

People like to be Antag, but its not entirely possible to be syndicate everytime. Leaving a lot of people afk and taking up space. I suggest a self antag category you would assign a priority preference to just like any other job. The Self antag roll I have in mind is “Gang member”; maybe there could be up to 6 gang members. 2 gangs, so 1 group of 3 would spawn in a room in maintenance and the other group of 3 would be in another maintenance room on the opposite end of the ship. You can leave these Rooms as is, you don’t need to give these rolls anymore starting equipment than passenger, hell, you don’t even have to give them an objective. Just make one Gang purple - and the other Green (like San Andreas) and let psychology do the rest. 

Also I feel like giving sec a more identifiable target to constantly be at odds with will leave them less likely to try and find insufficient reasons to arrest innocents, or keep them from being shitcurity and harassing the rest of the crew. Also Its more guaranteed work for lawyers; which they need.



I agree with prisoner. Perma can be fun when it’s populated whenever I play SS13.

That might also open up the possibility of a brig-centric role (beside Warden) that is the brig physician, even though any seccie could be designated as one.

prisoner is on some servers and its my fav role

I think a really cool role would be some sort of wandering food truck/vendor they could have a cart they pull around like the janicart and it could store food (and people maybe?) 

How about a dispatcher or radio operator or something?  Someone to coordinate/help people on the radio channels.  I think it could be a big help to newbs like me.

thats generally what hop should do while not busy, helping new people on radio

from my time on SS13 I miss those jobs that showed up occasionally but weren’t always there; one of those I had a really fun experience with as a latejoin was a centcomm inspector. Just generally specific latejoin roles would be mega cool.