JustAnOrange, Banned For QM Shittery- Selling the nuke

SS14 account username: JustAnOrange
Role(s): Command and Cargo
Date of ban: 3/6/23 (MM/DD/YY)
Length of ban: Appeal Only
Events leading to the ban: I was Playing QM and being a shitter by trying to sell the nuke and nuke disk.
Reason the ban should be removed: I dont feel that I need more punishment as i had already been game banned for 3 days. I was wrong, and i totally get the game ban.

In the ahelp related to the last ban, you said “QMing is boring, shittery is fun”. Why are you appealing a roleban for a role you think is boring, and how can you assure the admin team that you won’t decide to do shittery in the covered roles when bored?

It isnt a QM ban, Its a ban for all heads and all of cargo. I don’t know how you want me to prove i wont do shittery again. Do you want a pinky promise? 


I’m just trying to give you the opportunity to present any additional information you may have about why the admin team should be convinced that, about 10 days after deciding to keep in place the game ban, the roleban is unnecessary. If you still feel QM is boring, can you provide a list of roles affected by the roleban which you are both interested in playing and which you think are more entertaining than shittery?

Ok, I enjoy Salvage. I enjoy playing all of the heads, Except QM because I dislike being a cargo tech and QM is just a cargo tech with Syndie objective items.


The admin team has decided to leave all the rolebans in place. As someone who less than two weeks ago decided to go with shittery because they were bored, but did not have the sense to not choose a role that they don’t like playing, it would be difficult to trust that you wouldn’t go on to cause more issues in the roles you’re banned from, even if you had caused no issues since the roleban. The fact that only a day or two ago you decided to give a prisoner a gun further calls into question your ability to not cause issues.

You can appeal these rolebans again no sooner than 2 weeks from now.

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