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Subject: Unknown

Policies or Expectations Violated: Over-extension of the use of Discord rule 4, denial of “contextual leeway” given in said rule.

Do you want this complaint to be made public after it is processed: Staff’s choice, I have no need for this to be public.

Detailed Summary: In the stories channel, someone told a story whose climax was that a person was working with an Admemed AI who was smited for making lewd comments about said AI.  I made the humorous joke “From “fuck the ai” to “fuck the ai” :godo:”, followed immediately by another community member(M-Twix) making another joke using only SS13 onomatopoeia(“clank”x4, “crunch”, “yeaouch”).  This line of jokes resonated so well with the community that M-Twix’s joke got more gold medal reactions than any other discord message I’ve seen thus far(I don’t think staff deleted the message, I think he may have because at the time of the warning points being given both messages were still up and his received over 40+ gold medal reactions).

In my opinion giving warning points for something that’s far more humorous in nature than genuinely sexual just dilutes the seriousness of warning points and reflects a negative image of the moderation team.  Me and M-Twix are both on the same page, we are proud of the joke we made and the overwhelming positive response from the community, and as relatively newish players(he’s newer than me, I’ve been here for months, and therefore he’s more deserving of mercy than I) we’re honestly hurt by this action made by the moderation team as neither of us have had any significant issues with staff in the past but this has just put a bad taste in our mouth in terms of moderator-overreach and how it turned a positive discord interaction into a negative and hostile one, unneededly so.  Should be noted at the time of the warning point being handed out both messages were still up implying that while our comments were vaguely sexual, not nearly enough so to warrant immediate or even delayed staff action to remove said messages despite the warning point claiming to want to “protect minors”(M-Twix’s has been deleted, however my message, which I will admit is more directly sexual than his,  is still not deleted as of writing this complaint).

 I am not asking for consequences for the moderator nor do I expect any, I merely wish to have the sexual misconduct warning point removed from my own and M-Twix’s record as we are both first-time offenders who were acting in good faith and in good humor, and in absolutely no way were either of us attempting to be disruptive to the community.  I will be sure to be more careful with my speech to ensure this issue never happens again, but I feel the warning points were not an appropriate or proportional solution to genuine good-natured community humor.  And yes to point it out in good faith, I did not use a spoiler tag as directed by discord rule 4 bullet 2 as I have not run into this situation before and thought my comment was innocent enough to be a non-issue, in my opinion, that was truly our only true rule-break in this entire incident because we were not prepared to face moderator scrutiny and I have a hunch if the joke was not so overwhelmingly well received it likely would have been overlooked as it arguably should have.  I don’t think I should have the label of sexual misconduct placed on my staff record, as that transcends a simple warning point, it’s a very serious accusation to me, especially to say that I am endangering children, and I would prefer if staffed didn’t view me in that light for such a minor offense in the future.

Damn it, I forgot the write a proper title beyond the names.

Should be Uknown-Superjj18/M-Twix Sexual warning point complaint 

I apologize for the mistake.

After reviewing the details of this, I would like to highlight a few points before moving forward.

  • While you may be proud of the joke that was made, community feedback does not supersede the Discord’s rules. In short, even if you and the rest of the Discord finds it funny, it can still be taken as against the rules and acted on as a result. They are there for a reason. Please respect them in the future.
  • Being newer does not always equate to being more deserving of leniency for a rulebreak. All players are expected to at least glance at the rules and use common sense when posting in the Discord, otherwise they do so at their own risk of warnings/bans for violating those rules.
  • In terms of leniency, a warning is one of the least intrusive options we have as moderators/community managers to convey that a player has crossed a line at some point. With our particular system, you have to accumulate 5 warnings before the bot kicks you from the server, with an additional 5 points resulting in a permanent ban that requires an appeal on the forums to remove. So you ultimately get as many as 10 chances of messing up before anything “permanent” actually applies.

However, you do bring up a good point in that “if we were warned for a message but it was left up for others to read, why were we warned?” - so much so that I am electing to remove the warning in your case.

Regarding user M_Twix: they will have to go through the appeal process for getting unbanned from the Discord before any warning will be removed (they were banned for an unrelated issue), so their warning will stand until that is addressed first. Additionally, we typically do not allow for players to appeal on another’s behalf, so even if they were not banned they would still be ultimately responsible for appealing the warning.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to one of the head administrators or myself for any further clarification on this issue. Otherwise, your complaint is noted and the point will be removed. Moderator in question will be reminded to delete comments that cross the line when applying warnings in the future.

Added complaint-accepted, privacy-public and removed complaint-pending

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