Kamilw - Played as hamlet and vandalized the bridge

SS14 account username: Kamilw
Ban reason: Grief as hamlet
Date of ban: 27/03/23
Length of ban: Removed via appeal
Events leading to the ban: Played as hamlet one late evening, decided to smash a glass table and water cooler in bridge out of bordem. Captain gets fed up with my antics and calls a KOS on me, so I bite their pet inside their quarters.
Reason the ban should be removed: I honestly thought that pets such as hamlet get more leniency in what they do since they are wild animals and he does not have a specific “owner”, I think that although I did grief part of the bridge, its still within realism for a wild animal to do that. I didn’t bite any actual person and just hid when someone wanted to grab me. AFAIK Renault isn’t tied to a syndicate objective or anything like that like with Ian which I wouldn’t bite because thats self-antaging and the only person who would have even noticed would be the captain. I don’t have any recent bans or warns leading up to this for I think around one year, so I don’t think its fair to say that this is repetitive behaviour like the admin assumed calling me a “shitter that wont improve”. I wont get let down over whether this gets accepted or not, but I think it will be a shame to keep the ban permanent over something that likely didn’t upset the captain and didn’t directly harm/ruin the experience for any player.

I’d just like to point out something in your line of thinking. The animals on the station are not just wild savage animals that happen to be around or else I would assume they would be programmed to attack people like a wild animal tends to do. The pets and other animals the heads of staff have would probably be called “Domesticated”, and I am almost certain that the ghost role rules for hamlet do not instruct you to vandalize the bridge as much as possible to the distaste of literally everyone.

I think the only reason you hid from people trying to intervene with your behavior is because you know that attacking someone will get you killed instantly, thus rendering you unable to grief the bridge even more. While your assertion is correct that you don’t have recent bans or notes (for only the last three months, not a year), you have a worrying track record that goes back to at least October and a lot more history that appears even older.

Administrator consensus is to accept this appeal. Ghost roles are not an excuse to damage/destroy whatever you want. I hope we will not have the same issue again. This ban will be lifted.

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