Kanashimi - Coup participation

Ban reason: Coup participation
Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban: So in midround I was in cargo and comms were going crazy. There was an Unknown person talking about fighting with heads and the Captain being lost. So people started entering cargo and ordering weapons. I asked QM if he was a Rev at some point to this he replied “I’m a head, I can’t be rev”, I thought that the Sec was taken by the revs, I even requested Mindshields earlier in the round what made me belive in this narrative. We took the guns and went to the bridge where the Captain was supposed to be, and there QM said that we were there to fight for him. He closed the window saying “It’s lost” (I don’t quite remember the phrase, but I think that was what he meant… could be wrong here). From there people started going to sec and the fight began. I got shot and went to the sec medbay to get healed. By the time I was healed, the fight was over, and QM said “Warden is on our side”. I just dropped the guns at cargo and went to my job again (at which point ADM arrived and made clear that was going to ban everyone, there I understood that I was in a “non-antag coup”, even worse, I’m the rev).
Reason the ban should be removed: I did nothing on the purpose of derailing the round or with a rev mind. I really thought that were rescuing the station not attacking it. I’m not innocent because I could have asked more, as Rev is the new game mode I quite don’t understand every change from SS13, but I’m here to ask humbly to turn my ban into a non-permanent one. Thanks for reading.

Hi Kanashimi,

After reviewing your role in the situation overall, it seems plausible that you in-fact were unaware of what the situation was and proceeded to the follow the quartermaster- and as such, your ban has been lifted.

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