[Keir] - [Metaknowledge/selfantag as Remi]

Ban reason: Metaknowledge/selfantag as Remilia multiple times.
Length of ban: 720 mins
Events leading to the ban: I joined the round around 40 mins late, as a chaplain as all the other roles were taken. I immediately get the Sydnie message and buy a holy hand grenade since i had never used one before. I get onto the shuttle and arrive at the station and hear that there’s some sort of Chaplain revolution or something. I conclude it’s because of the infinite chaplain jobs and I wonder if I could use this as a distraction to complete my goals which were “killing a chemist” (forgot the name) and “get Ian meat”. I head to medical to find the chemist only to see them lying injured in a massive triage room. I trigger my grenade and run, getting caught in the fire doors before opening them to escape. i head to the chapel as i hear that the HOP is gunning down chaplains and when I get there, I don’t see any of it and head into the backroom of the chapel and see a gasping secoff. i take their gun undetected and walk out of the chapel before seeing the captains laser pistol on the floor. i pick it up and run off, heading to HOP office to get Ian meat. once i get there, someone is breaking into the queue line so i join them and break the glass to the queue line before breaking the HOP office window and noticing that Ian isn’t there. i figure that they must be in the side room where the HOP bed is, so i walk around and enter it. nothing. i walk out and head to sec as Ian might be there for safekeeping. the initial door to sec was hacked open and the one to the prison cells was not. i proceed to beat on the door with a crowbar as i feel adequately protected by my 2 weapons and another chaplain says in ooc chat “this is too far if you’re not an antag” i proceed to point to the caps laser pistol and continue beating on the door. i eventually give up and walk back to the HOP office before noticing the captain and figuring i could use his ID to look for Ian, start shooting at him, failing miserably and getting killed. I then choose a Remi ghost role and spawn in the church on a bible. seeing no chaplain in sight i fly around, looking for one and end up at sec, seeing a chaplain stuck behind a door. a start to bite at the door and he says “I am entombed” and asks for help, so i continue helping by biting the door. Once i get him out he thanks me and we start to break down the door into the prison area, gaining access and looking around. i notice the armoury door wedged open by a security blocker thing? i forget the name of it. we walk over it and he says “we should help the poor souls” or something along the lines of that, pointing to the blood inside the armoury. he walks around the prison area for whatever reason and after a min or so walks out of sec, i follow. at this point the captain makes an announcement to “kill all bats” and in a couple moments an engineer starts to hit me with a crowbar. i fight back and so does the chaplain, eventually leading to my death. I then follow my friend as a ghost to see what they were up to, boarding the shuttle and getting to centcomm, upon which point i am banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: I do not know how i was “metaknowledge or self antagging” as Remi at all. i would like some clarification or an explanation 

The ban has expired but i would still like to appeal it since I think it was made in error and i wouldn’t want this on my record.

I remember this round. I was a Lawyer who got killed by cap cuz I happened to be wearing a nun hat and they went ballistic. He did order all bats to be executed and me and all of med were telling a remi there to run and hide. 


After review, I’ve concluded the points you raised were true, and this ban will not count against you.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals