Kilgor_The_Mighty - Got attacked and killed by a man in cat ears (The Warden) as Hammie

Ban reason: Signed “Die Furry!!!” as hamlet while being attacked by/murdered by cat ear wearing warden
Length of ban: Maybe Perma
Events leading to the ban: If i remember it was me the hos a random probably traitor and i think pun pun and a cadet. i was following the HoS as hammie i think. And for some reason the warden tryed to murdered me twice i think this was before doing it for real but ill get to that. the HoS tryed to arrest the warden but the warden basically robusted his ass and cuffed him and then grabbed me the second time and ranted about some shit i dont remember and some time when he was doing that i signed that then fast foward and i die blah blah blah and idk what happened after i got banned but thats my side. ill also add he chased me around the station also trying to kill me before this had even gone down. anyway have a bad memory so take everything i write with a grain of salt unless its backed up with proof by replay or someshit. 
Reason the ban should be removed: that whole round was wild i mean my god we have the Mega Ultra Borgor basically pull an SCP 106 and randomly appear and what i said was a joke targeted at a warden who was attacking me. but yeah probably shouldn’t have said it or in this case signed it as hammie. but if unbanned I’ll try to not make edgy jokes but keep in mind I’m stupid. But me getting unbanned is up to you not me look over the details I give you and do try to make an unbiased decision. anyway gotta run. bye.

P.S. : Sorry if anything is worded wrongly or just wrong and anything like that. Hope to see you in game. or if its Ahelp i hope not unless we are shitposting. bye bye. :wave:

Screenshot 2023-12-18 231558.png

unfortunately your ban appeal has been denied by vote. please wait at least two weeks before attempting to appeal again

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