(killerclock) Command Ban for (Gross incompetence)

Roles: [All of command]
Length of Ban: [Permanent Until I appeal here]
Events leading to this Ban: [I spawned as HOS and got my Hardsuit and SMG I put the SMG in my bag I found an instrument and started playing it (I was playing it for most of the round while helping people) A Rat King spawned, and I didn’t notice (I was extremely tired but couldn’t leave because I was afraid I would get a job ban if I did) I continued to play music around the station until Ahelp told me there was a Rat King and that I should do my job (So I did) I asked multiple people where the Rat King was so I could kill it but I found out the Rat King had died]

Reason the ban should be removed: [I do think I should have done my job better and played while I was less tired However a permanent Ban for all command roles is a bit much. Yes, I missed a few things and yes, I should have done more but I promise I’ll do better; I am hoping for another chance. I would like to play command again and prove I can do the job. This is why I feel the Ban should be removed or lessened.]

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal.

Role bans are rarely, if ever, applied if you have to leave the game as long as you ahelp before leaving. If you are able to, you should also inform other members of command before doing so and attempt to move to a safe location, like your office. You should always prioritize the real world, even if you think it may result in a role ban. Role bans for disconnecting are often much shorter than ones for issues that involve you still playing.

The correct way to avoid these role bans is to not choose to play important roles when you aren’t fairly confident that you’ll be able to play through the round, and to ahelp if something comes up, not to force yourself to play. It is rare that role bans are applied to players who follow those instructions, and even if a ban is applied, it would likely be much easier to convince admins that you wont need to disconnect during rounds as often than having to convince them that your playstyle has improved.

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