Klutz - banned for RDMing

My Username Is -  Klutz

Ban reason - “RDM’d shooting people randomly, left immedately after questioning started. Appeal at forum.ss14.io

I don’t remember when exactly I was banned, pretty sure it was a bit over a month ago

The ban is appeal only

I started the game as a detective and was playing normally until I saw an atmos guy in the maintenance tunnels all alone. I pretty stupidly thought it would be funny to shoot at him and I did. Shot at him a few times and then the admin window opened, and I pretty much thought “Oh I have already broken the rules and am gonna get banned, might as well just leave and see what my punishment is” (a very stupid thing to do/think). And yeah, I tried joining the next day and was banned.

The ban was definitely justified, I broke the rules and got punished. But after playing on a few other servers and taking a break from the game, I realized just how much I liked playing on this server. So if I’m unbanned then no more rule breaking shenanigans will occur.

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal. Please ensure you’ve read and understand the rules before playing again. Feel free to ahelp for clarifications on rules. You can read a more detailed version of the rules at https://wiki.spacestation14.io/wiki/Server_Rules

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