Kserdas#0355 and why is it bad to have controversial pfps

Discord account: Kserdas#0355
Date of ban: To be honestly, i do not remember. I guess the beginning of december(?)
Events leading to the ban: The story started in 2021 december, several days before the new year. I was playing the truth or dear with my friend, and he dared me to put a nazi pfp, and se a text “conquering Poland” as the description of my profile for a year(until the January). Lets move to 2022 December. I entered the discord server of SS14, and started chatting with people about the game. Several guys noticed my strange pfp, one of them was from Poland. I apologized, and explained to them that i will remove it in 1 month, and it was the results of truth or dare. However, in several minutes the mod entered to the chat, asked “Wtf is a nazi doing here?”,  and banned me without giving me any time to respond.
Reason the ban should be removed: There are 2 reasons. First one is that i understand that it was bad idea to put such a controversial pfp, and i have never been supporting the antisemitic rejime. The second one is that this was results of “truth and dare” game, and i did not have any intentions to insult anyone

why did you delete and repost your appeal

The administration team and myself do not buy this excuse for a second. This appeal is denied. 

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