Lactose Chicken

SS14 account: Lactose Chicken 
Character name: I really dont remember
Type of Ban: Game Ban 
Date of Ban and Duration:  March 2022- April 2022 I believe. Permeant 
Reason for Ban: Logged Out Mid A-help.
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizards Den
Your side of the story: Started messing around in lobby and got a Permeant ban, (1st offense by the way) then proceeded to log in with new accounts on a VPN.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Honestly I was just bored playing with my friends and did something a In game admin didn’t like; in return he banned me. I wanted to keep playing with my friend so I tried to make a new account on a VPN, to no avail. I just wanna be able to play with my friend again, I remember why I was banned and just genuinely miss playing. Now I don’t believe that it is unfair for me to be permabanned as of now, but a 1st offense for ( I don’t even remember honestly I just know it wasn’t serious.) Seems a bit excessive I believe I have learned my lesson and would like to return to the community started over.

Anything else we should know: There are other accounts associated with my IP. I don’t remember how many 2-3 I believe anyways thank you for your time.

2 hours ago, Crylek said:

but a 1st offense for ( I don’t even remember honestly I just know it wasn’t serious.)

So you did something wrong, got caught, an admin approached you. You then got appeal banned to explain yourself because you didn’t feel the need to explain why you broke the rules at that moment. If you cannot give us a straight answer when we question you, then you can come right here and explain. Depending on the severity of the situation, you would more than likely have been unbanned within just a few hours. The appeal based ban was not because of the rule you broke, it was because you decided to just leave after an admin questioned your behavior.

Instead of just simply appealing you proceeded to make alts. The time stamp might have been permeant, but the ban message definitely told you to appeal on the forums. Is there any reason you just decided to ignore that message and proceeded to log in with different accounts?


(Found out I can see older requests) 

I felt like the forums would’ve taken longer than me simply just trying to re create an account, after I had been told I would not get unbanned, I proceeded to make another Account with a VPN on. And yes I did evade. Yes I ignored the forums. And yes I did create another account with a VPN on.

Where were you told you wouldnt be unbanned?

1st time was after the inital ban for leaving admin Mid A-Help (PERM BAN go to forums to apply). 

2nd Time was after I had made an account on a VPN and Attempted to try to play again. The admin found VPN abuse, and I quote “VPN abuse found. Appeal denied.”~ Game Admin Moony Feb 24, 2022; and then after that appeal I got " Denied. Ban evasion is not taken lightly and we’d prefer players we can trust. Try again in a few weeks." ~ Moony Mar 9, 2022

Both of these are true. And will admit I infact lied to him about the situation but I believe enough time has passed for me to learn and kinda just miss playing with friends.

My mistake, I assumed you meant you wouldnt be unbanned like permanently. Little miscommunication on my part.

Not an issue I just want to have this resolved is all.

We have voted to let you back in, however, can you log back into crylek (the account that had the initial ban)?

Yes I can try to 


I am able to login to the Crylek Account, ban is still there.

Perfect, lifting the ban. Just wanted to make sure you could first is all.

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