Laughable - Banned for "Racial Slurs" (Attempt #2)

SS14 account username: Laughable
Ban reason: Racial slurs
Date of ban: Not too sure, I think I was banned while offline, possibly sometime around May 12th
Length of ban: Forever until appealed
Events leading to the ban: I was playing as a Lawyer and taking on a multitude of clients who were in need of justice. One of my clients happened to be African American, and the police/security were unjustly arresting him multiple times, so I called them out for it and how it was possibly racially-motivated. I continued to work as a Lawyer for everyone on the ship, and even helped some guy get his job back, and expose the wrong-doings of his superior. There was even another time in which I even helped a security officer detain a violent suspect who was randomly attacking people by keeping them down so the officer could handcuff them.
Reason the ban should be removed: I believe that the ban should be removed because I now understand what it was that I did wrong. I was not aware that calling someone “my [n-word] (not the hard-R version)” was considered a racial slur or considered a derogatory slur at the time. I thought that only the use of the hard-R version of the word was banned. I was simply thanking my fellow Space Station inhabitant for the food that he gave me, and it slipped out as it’s a common word used in my vocabulary. If I am unbanned, I will remember to not use this word during my time in-game, and I apologize for allowing it to happen the first time.

Below this post I will also attach screenshots of my previous attempt at getting this ban appealed, so that it can be tied back to my first attempt, and hopefully clear things up.

Thank you. 



It’s an international community role playing game in a space station there is no reason to bring any hate speech or derivative of it in to the game. Try to be conscious of that when interaction with people and keep your chats clean.
You appeal seems to be grasp this concept so we will remove the ban. Any further issues relating to it will much stronger ban.
I suggest you read the rule as they have updated since last played.
Appeal accepted - Ban removed.

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