Lightwar_j9 - banned for sabotaging cargo shuttle as zombie

Ban reason: Destroying the cargo shuttle as a brainless zombie
Length of ban: 720 minutes
Events leading to the ban:  I was a salv and become initial infected soon after the round started. First thing I did as initial was sabotaging the cargo shuttle to stop cargo from getting weapons BEFORE I turned into a zombie. I later left the round not long after dying both as a initial and zombie.
Reason the ban should be removed: I sabotaged the cargo shuttle as a initial , not as a zombie.

Maybe be a mute point now that the ban is over, I tried to review this a little earlier but it looks like the replay for this round was not saved. I asked the admin who did the ban if it was before or after the turn and they were not sure so I will take you events statement as true and pop a note on you admin notes for you account as such.
Appeal accepted - Note added.

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