Lizard Den Perma appeal

SS14 account: cobra124787
Character name: (Not known to me anymore)
When was the ban: Around August and September
Server: Wizard’s Den Lizard

Your side of the story: I was very very new to the game, with only a few 50 hours under my belt (most of it was as bar tender) and i didn’t really know much about the rules or how to play so surprise surprise too many tickets and bam a ban
Why you think you should be unbanned: I’ve played a lot of ss13 within my time of my ban and i’ve learned more about the rules and basics of ss13 to at least be competent to play ss14
Anything else we should know: I deserved what i got for my ban and ticket warnings, because mainly as I said i was still new to ss14 (and ss13) but now I’ve played at least 400 more hours than last time.

Would you be able to get a voucher from an SS13 server, then?

Administrator consensus is to accept this appeal. Please be aware that you will be on thin ice for a bit as you managed to rack up four bans in two weeks the last time you played. I strongly suggest you refamiliarize yourself with the rules and avoid questionable behavior.

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