[Loki] - [Big Mad Mod]

SS14 account: Loki
Character name: Not sure
Type of Ban: Banned because some random gave me a gun and I used it without knowledge of a rule. Then I erroneously made the choice to make a second account with all my super duper hacker skills named “notloki” to “skirt” the ban. Sadly the mods were to quick and smart for my tricks.
Date of Ban and Duration: Permanent!
Reason for Ban: I dunno
Server you were playing on when banned: There is literally 1 server with people.
Your side of the story: Read above.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Yall are taking this very seriously. Up until that point I was rping, and having fun with the peeps on your server. I legit ran a DnD game for some people in the library, and I was encouraging my other chaotic friend not to take “leader” roles until we learned the game.

You’ve very much put a sour taste in my mouth from all this.

I apologized in our first comms (mod) and tried to explain to you this was my, and say it with me, first day of the fucking game. I have 18 hours on profile and roughly 10 is because I left my computer on.

I was here to have fun. I understand what I did wrong, I have apologized for it. You have continued to up the stakes of this for literally no reason.

Anything else we should know:

give a guy a shoot dont be them guys

You tried to use an alt account to bypass your ban. Can you explain that please.

100% my fault i told him to because i had two,

i thought only his main account would be ban

I was hoping to talk to someone in admin chat and if that failed I was going to just play as I did earlier, rping and such and hanging with my boi in the kitchen, but with the one difference;

If some random handed me a gun, before pulling the trigger, I would message the admin chat and kindly ask and respect their wishes either way.

i was just wondering if my friend has been review yet, id like to get back into the game but i don’t want to without my friend tbh. not trying to push the matter just enjoy your game is all. 

Yo I learned how to make burgers in my first hour of this game and starting running my kitchen with minimal bodies being left in the freezer.
Just give a chef a chance dawg :pray:


We’re discussing this internally.

Ironically if you didn’t try to cheat and get around the system you would be able to play right now.

you make a good point, not even getting banned i learned a lot more about the games rules from this, i would also like to point out and fair if it doesn’t help the case at all, loki has stopped me from braking rules when I was about to without even knowing.

Just being new and not knowing much about how the game works I took a role a shouldn’t of and he walk me though the role and told me not to take a role like that until i understood the game better, honestly helped me really enjoy the game for what it was and showed me how cool the RPing can be. not saying this makes up for the act. but you guys have showed your very real about these rules and on top of it.

just thought id try to help move this a little with my first steps into the game from a new persons view  .

if you lift the bann im sure youll have 2 better members for it, if not im sure we both understand 

On your first day playing, you were banned for breaking one of the more obvious rules (RDM/griefing) and then immediately attempted to evade the ban with your friend. I don’t think either of you will contribute to making our servers better in any capacity.

The “chickenmctittes” account does not appear to have ever connected to our servers, so I’m assuming that is one of your alts and it has been banned.

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