[LRP] Clarification on Cap's spare ID

So, something I often see is Cap giving HOS the spare. It made sense to me, so I started doing the same.

But today I got bowinked for that, so I wanted to have it clarified whether it’s ok or not.

The Captain spare ID is a steal objective and as such falls under powergaming to hide.
“Do not hide known antagonist objectives or otherwise secure them with a higher amount of security then would normally be required. Do not go around collecting all of the antagonist objectives as you first order of business and hide them in the vault just to make sure nobody can get them. Unless you have a specific and direct reason to believe a certain item is being targeted, you have no reason to go put it in the highest security area possible.”

It is also powergaming under the fact of handing out unwarranted access or giving the spare for emergencies as that would be considred preparing equipment for no purpose other than “just incase”.

Thanks for the clarification.