Lucy_Void - DARKSIDE8115

Matthew Musil
Miros  Spider  Lizard Centipede
Im not exactly sure for what i was banned because one time i was cooking unactive players as a chef because people said that i can and other time i was cutting power wires so i can get into a room that was locked 

Im not saying the reason for ban isnt true it is and I’m so sorry about it. Sadly i didnt realize that if im not the terrorist i cant hurt people or the station. Space Station 14 is my favorite game from the moment i was chosen to playtest because its a great game and if i will ever be able to play it again i will make sure that something like this will never happen. Im asking for unban or lower the ban time i know i broke rules and i regret it.


Ill unban. Be chill, ill note your username. Learn and move on. 

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