Lycuros - Banned for Helping an anag as a nonantag banned and warned about this numerous of times so this is now an Indef Ban with appeals on the Forums

Username: Lycuros

Ban reason: Banned for Helping an anag as a nonantag banned and warned about this numerous of times so this is now an Indef Ban with appeals on the Forums
Length of ban: Indefinite
Ban Issue:
The ban is fair, but I would like a second chance or reduction

Vote Opt-Out: false

Events leading to the ban

I joined the game on Lizard Round 53164, the map being oasis. I played some music in the main room and then saw an announcement from the captain stating for “EVERYONE TO SCIENCE AND GO MOB THE SYNDICATE THERE. GO GO GO!!!”, so I went to science as a passenger thinking that this would be entertaining. I saw a few people in science with two syndicate crates, no antagonistic activity from them besides that. I saw John Moth in a juggernaut suit being friendly, the captain and security were friendly aswell. I assumed that if the captain wanted us to mob the syndicate member, that it probably wasn’t this person and they were another person who had looted the surplus crate. I take some loot from these crates and run away due to suddenly several hostile creatures appearing. I return looking for bodies and any remaining items. I see John Moth dead on the floor and take his juggernaut suit that I assumed he was allowed to keep since security and the captain hadn’t taken it from them. I did not know if there was any remaining hostile wildlife (As well as it being a very cool suit) and I proceeded to pick up the captain sabre on the ground after he hadn’t for a bit, planning to return it to the captain and use it incase there were more xenos. I then get bwoinked and told to hand everything in. I give the captain his sabre, and I attempt to give him the suit as well; however, he walks away. I go to security with the suit and hand it in. I inform John Moth when I am reminded that he exists since I saw him speak in common radio that his suit is in security. I go about my shift and get bwoinked later on and told I am being indefinitely banned. I then go ask in #admin-questions if I could have more information on the ban (At the time I did not realise this is what I was banned for). Afterwards, I ask if this was considered aiding an antagonist, and I get told that it is. I had also dm’d the admin that banned me if this was the reason, without response.

Screenshot 2024-05-13 213624

Reason the ban should be removed

I had not realised that John Moth was an antagonist thus it did not even cross my mind that informing him that the juggernaut suit I took was in security would be against the rules. I feel it should be reduced due to my lack of knowledge; however, not removed as I broke the rules by informing them of said fact. If I am unbanned, I will try to keep a better grasp of the situation at hand.

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