Lycuros - Insulting someone in a wheelchair (and most likely being a bit sweary)

Ban Reason: Things such as “I hate the crippled, crippled FUCK”

Length of ban: Appeal-only game ban

Events leading to the ban: I had been at HoP’s office while the head of security resigned. Asked the at the time warden who was being promoted to head of security to make me the new warden, got told something along the lines of “no, motherfucker” and from there started our (for fun) feud. The, who I’ll refer to as just the HoS or head of security from here, was in a wheelchair. I of course go for the easy pickings of insults, he has me hunted for insulting him and my comments on his lack of walking capabilities. The “FUCK” being a purposeful over-exaggeration meant to be amusing between us. I eventually get tracked down, without a lack of comments from me and I proceed to get beaten to death and then spaced. This resulted in an ever-so slight rivalry between us. The hunt involved things like whoever brought me to sec beaten up would get a medal and other things akin to it. (The whole situation was pretty funny which is why I didn’t ahelp (also it was a result of my actions)) Of course, we talked in OOC after the round too, and it carried into the early portion of the round after. With me being hunted by several people while I made comments towards HoS, (I thought everything was in good fun since I hadn’t been told off in LOOC) I continued the round as normal after I had to SSD (and promptly got distracted by a hunt for hamlet). I then logged on a few hours later and at what should have been unsurprising lo and behold, I was banned.

Reason the ban should be removed: I thought it was in good fun, alongside I believed at the time the other person I was engaging in rivalry with was fine with it. I of course, won’t repeat anything akin to this as now that I’m re-reading through the rules there is a zero-tolerance policy on discriminatory language.  There is zero intent to repeat any similar language I had used now that I’ve given deeper thought to how it may be genuinely harmful to someone who has disabilities. Given the zero-tolerance policy on discriminatory language, it is fair that I was banned; however, I believe that given it was at the time thought between us to be in good fun and there is zero intention to engage in any banter remotely similar to it, I think it is fair that I be unbanned, even if it is just reduced down to a temporary game ban. I have absolutely no intention to repeat any of the inappropriate language I used.

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote and we have come to the consensus to reduce the ban to 2 weeks.
The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:

  • Slurs are zero tolerance, and the content of the messages were clearly disparaging.
    Appeal accepted ban will now end on the 4th of February 2024 (04/02/2024)

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