MacOS Open AL `AL.GenBuffer()` returns 0 (NULL) after some time


Ah, MacOS. I love that!
After some time audio stops playing. While debugging I noticed that AL.BufferData fails with error INVALID_VALUE because buffer equals 0.

After game reloading it works fine. Also Windows users never complained, so it is MacOS only problem.

After some inspecting code I noticed that buffer never deleting (nowhere called AL.DeleteBuffer). Some searching in Internet said to me that it have to be deleted. Source deleting, but not buffer. I think, it is a clue. But I don’t sure.


You have to play some much time. Russian servers have TTS, which breaks at first, so it some easily to reproduce with that.


It don’t need.

Additional context

I can help to solve the problem. I have some expirience in Space Station 14 programming, I know the base of the RobustToolbox. But I need your help and advice.

Added robust-toolbox

(18 page, bottom)

I forgot to say, AL.GenBuffer also generate InvalidValue error :slight_smile: