Madjojosg2 - Antag Rolling

Ban reason: “Antag rolling. Late joined, walked to library, sat down, then DCed”
Length of ban: Appeal only
Events leading to the ban: I think the ban reason explains the events good enough already as that is what happened.
Reason the ban should be removed: First of all, I know very well that I have had many bans so far and often got off lightly with them. This will probably have a heavy impact on the decision that you will make following this appeal, but I must say. It was not in my intentions to ruin the gameplay of other players by Antag rolling. It was just pretty late in my country (2 AM) and I was tired and bored. I decided to join, picked passenger and then realized that I didnt even want to play passenger, especially since I wouldnt even be able to play the whole round as I was like said tired. I thought it wasn’t that bad as I didnt take away any vital roles as the passenger role is available infinitely. However looking back at that, I do realize that it is still antag rolling and so I am very sorry. I am really trying not to get banned any more, but I seem to fail at that. I know that this ban will probably not just be simply removed, and if it is not going to become a voucher ban it will of course still be a ban, and so I am not asking for a full removal of the ban. Again, I am very sorry.

After putting this appeal to a vote amongst the other admins we’ve decided to deny your appeal on this occasion. You can make another appeal only after 4 weeks have passed.

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