Malignant- banned for "killing and being forgetful"

Account name: Malignant 

Character Name: Hugh G Rection 

Type of Ban: Game/ server ban

Date: 6/27/22- Permanent 

Reason: “probably not the server for people who are so murderous and forgetful”.

Server: Lizard 

the story: I was playing on the main server, as a QM, and  someone came in. I asked if I could have their oxygen suit to go get the exotic seeds in the cargo ship (the person inside the shuttle had disabled oxygen for some dumb reason). they said no, so I killed them. eventually, I just went and got the seeds on my own. I ended up dying from the pressure. Fast forward,  when someone broke in and attacked my friend. he was killed ( I was still dead, but luckily someone cloned me) I then beat the person who killed my friend to death (avenging them). This is when the admin (I don’t remember their name, I think it was Kane or something like that) messaged me, asking if I killed anyone that round. I said yes, explaining that I had gotten revenge on my friend’s killer. I apologized and said I had let my emotions get the better of me, and said I wouldn’t do it again. he then reminded me that I had killed the second person ( which I had honestly forgotten about), suggesting that I “wasn’t honest” when he asked if I killed anyone. I never once lied, I just actually forgot I had killed the dude with the oxygen suit. Still, I acknowledge that killing unprovoked is against the rules. I apologized again, but by then it was too late. I was permabanned. 


Why I should be unbanned: While murdering those two people (one out of vengeance, other out of, well, stupidity) was not the smartest decision I’ve ever made, it also wasn’t the dumbest thing. I do not believe this deserves a permanent ban. I feel as though a warning would have sufficed, as now I cannot play on any of the populated servers. Assuming I get unbanned, I will not be committing any murder unless in self defense. Had it of been a warning, I would’ve simply not murdered the following round. 





This is not where you appeal a Nyanotrasen ban.

Hello, this ban is for Nyanotrasen, not Wizard’s Den. this ban did not occur on lizard, but on, As such your appeal cannot be processed here, please join the Nyanotrasen discord (link on the website) and DM me (I am the host) in order to continue the appeal process.

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