[Malo / Malo-The-Duck#0134] - [I got no idea i didnt play for the last 2 days and now im banned from CE]

SS14 account username: Malo
Role(s): Chief Engineer
Date of ban: 02.06.2023
Length of ban: 09.06.2023
Events leading to the ban: “Admin Reason” Has been a poor perseption of the job of an CE, Spacing shuttles, and atmos as a joke, also ran off with the fireaxe and never returned it to atmos
Reason the ban should be removed: 2 of those things happened, the first is that I removed a floor of the evac shuttle in the engineering room that was welded shut so no one would accidentally space the other parts (as a joke to 2 other engineers), one of whom joined the joke in question by also removing a floor tile (The joke was, oh no don’t start, I’m still in space), the floor was repaired after an admin asked for it. the other part that is true is that i removed the fire axe from atmos after an escaped prisoner who was previously atmos used it as a weapon while threatening to flood the station with plasma. i then forgot to return it and didn’t see anyone from the atmos department ask for it. i didn’t space atmos or see that i have a bad idea of what an CE does, considering i oversee my department and secure air and power production 

I forgot to change the Title (i only got the reason mid writing this)

The admin team has decided to not accept this appeal, but the ban has expired.

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