MangoOverload - Self-Antagging

Ban reason: Self antagging

Ban length: 5 Days

Events leading to the ban: I Looted a catatonic Senior Officer as  a non antag, They had clothing and a pda only, no ID in said PDA, They had no weapons, or any backpack on them, I decided to go to hop and attempt to become senior officer as a joke, HoP gave me a new ID as senior officer, then I proceeded to head into security, and detective became a zombie. I confessed I wasn’t the real Senior Officer and they didn’t care and armed me up anyways, I never shot another civilian, and I was never Ahelped during that, Thank you for your time.

You were previously warned for the exact same behavior about a week prior.
The ban is in line with banning policy, the repeat offence nor this appeal give any confidence that a shorter ban for this will have a positive effect.
Appeal denied. - Ban will expire: 11/16/2023

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