MasterWong - Banned for ERP and probs for being kind of a dick in my previous appeal

SS14 account: MasterWong
Character name: Schleim
Type of Ban: game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: Around semptember 20, permaban
Reason for Ban: I wrote a story for the discord that references ERP and self antag
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: You can read it in my previous Appeal, but long story short, I ERP’d with someone (jokingly, I’m not a groomer or something), Teamed up with a Vending Machine (wich was probably self antag, I’m still not sure) and I was kind of an asshole in my previous appeals withoput really noticing it.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Well, the day I got banned I was a little pissed of of course, because I didn’t really got the reason for being permabanned from a newly discovered game of mine for - in my eyes - not that big of a reason at that point. Thing is, I was uninformed about the strictness of american laws regarding sexual content that are not specifically marked 18+ in media, so I get the strict enforcement of the rule now and I probably shouldve read the server-rules with a little more attention. Now I am completely aware of the rules and their importance and I also get why I am permabanned, still I hope it’s possible to get me unbanned, ss14 was a really fun experience, without ERP too :smiley:


In any case, thanks in advance, have a nice day

We’re divided on this appeal, however majority vote is to accept this appeal.

I think you get the message of what you did wrong and how to avoid it. But to summarize:

  • Do not kidnap random people for “science experiments” all round, unless they agree fully to be a test subject
  • Absolutely no sexual remarks/themes/language behavior. This is not tolerated in any capacity.
  • Don’t try to “overthrow the station” as a non-antagonist.

You will be on thin ice for a little bit, but for now your game ban will be lifted. Have fun.

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