Mattrim5989 - griefing sec

Ban reason: Griefing sec as technical assist, snipping wires and doors.
Length of ban: by appeal
Events leading to the ban: I do not remember the events of the round when I was banned accurately as they happened over a year ago but the ban was justified
Reason the ban should be removed: during the interim between the ban and this appeal I have taken the time to play in other servers try out ss13 and see that what I did was incorrect and that it was improper, I ask to be given a second chance on this server make up for past mistakes and enjoy ss14

I’m going to accept this appeal based on the amount of time that’s passed since the ban, the severity of the actions resulting in the ban as they’re described in the ban message, and the lack of history related to your account. Please ensure you’ve read and understand our server’s rules before playing on them.

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