Maxcap APPEAL BAN CKEY: Giorno_Giovanna (Admin: TurboTracker)

Events leading to the ban: Alright, got another ban again for making a maxcap during nukies round (they announced war).
Reason the ban should be removed: So, TurboTracker messaged me again saying that I am not allowed to make maxcaps without “permission”, even though nothing is stated in the rules about that (don’t quote emisse, she said “maybe ask admins for permission”, it adressed to her lack of detailed knowlege of this rule). I don’t know what to believe, first time when I got warning for maxcap from litenhead, he told me that I am allowed to utilize them against nukies when the nuke is armed, it was not long ago. Now after 2 bans which lasted a week each, an admin sends me the rule clarification about bomb manufacturing that says “maxcaps are never to be used during station threats”. Good, then why it wasn’t stated in the self antagging rule section that making maxcaps is not allowed at all, why do I need to base off admin’s words every time when something like this happens? Litenhead says one thing, TurboTracker says another and bans me, so what should I believe?? I was always told by fellow atmosians and other admins months ago that I am allowed to utilize maxcaps during nukies round when they announce war, but after I got several bans (i agree on first ban, but the second one is kinda meh) admins just became too strict about me. I am not some kind of a shitter who ruins every goddamn round, I helped dozens of people to understand how atmos mechanicks work, I made station each round rich, cargonians were always happy when they saw me. I want to continue playing on this server, just please make rules more specific so that people like me don’t get banned like that. Between, maxcaps aren’t so strong anymore, they can be compared with chemical bombs with cl3f. 

There is in-fact, A rule clarification stating that this is not to be done.

Should you choose to ammend your appeal, This would be an opporitunity to do so.

2 minutes ago, RyanStrudfelt said:

There is in-fact, A rule clarification stating that this is not to be done.

Should you choose to ammend your appeal, This would be an opporitunity to do so.

bro i have told about that, read entire post before commenting


core thing is, i don’t look at forums this constantly, i abide rules from wiki. Till current ban I didn’t even know there was a rule clarification about bomb and stuff like that. Just imagine a random person joining game, seeing a window where it says “go to wiki to view rules”. He goes to wiki, reads rules (btw nothing is said about rule clarifications in rules wiki), and then he gets banned cause there was some rule clarification which in his case says that whatever he did is not allowed. I highly doubt that most of community knows about rules clarifications, I am not even talking about rules in the wiki page

Hello, sorry to get back to you this late.


After review of your appeal, and our logs of ahelps between you and admins we have found the following:

  • There have been at least 8 ahelps between you and admins regarding the acceptable use of maxcaps.

  • Out of of those, the most permissive ones were the following:

    - On 2023-12-09 you asked if you could make a minor maxcap against nukies. You were told that maxcaps should only be used as a last ditch effort for when the nuke has already been armed at which point the destruction a maxcap would do would still be less than the nuke successfully detonating.

    - On 2024-02-18 you were initially told that you could not make a maxcap even if it’s nukies due to it being mass sabotage. Later in the ahelp you were told that you could make it if you believe it will be effective against nukies but you would be held responsible for mass sabotage/griefing of crew.

  • From the other ahelps we receive where you were informed of the admin’s view on making and using a maxcap you were told the following:

    - On 2024-2-25 you asked if you could make maxcap for end of round. You were told that you should not prepare stuff specifically for EORG. You were additionally told you could make them for use in mining but not just for testing.

    - On 2024-3-30 you asked whether you could blow up the nukie shuttle with a maxcap. You were told you could not, and had your maxcap deleted by the admin specifically citing your history(at that point several warnings and 2 bans). It should be noted that while we understand you disagree with the admin’s judgement in this instance, if you believe the admin’s actions were unjustified and outside policy then that should be its own admin complaint.

    - On 2024-03-31 you asked for clarification on if the actions taken and the interpretations of the admin in the previous ahelp were appropriate. You were told that maxcaps were generally blacklisted without permission.

    - On 2024-04-01(It should be noted this is just a few hours after the previous ahelp. I am however using my local timezone for dates) you were ahelped for creating a maxcap during nukies. You were told that you should not make a maxcap without admin permission. This ahelp resulted in the ban you are currently appealing.

Transcripts of these ahelps will be attached on a follow up message to this thread.

  • In 1 other ahelp you received no response.

  • In 1 other ahelp which did result in a ban for your use of maxcaps no statement was made on how rules are applied for maxcaps.

-  We find that while there might have been some ambiguity on how you were informed on how we enforce rules on maxcaps, they still state that usage of a maxcap may still be mass sabotage and self antagonism. All other ahelps after these state that you should not create and utilize maxcaps against station threats without admin permission.

  • Considering the above, the several warnings and bans you had beforehand for your use of maxcaps, and the fact that you were told you would need admin permission hours before the actions that led to your ban we find that you were sufficiently informed that creating and utilizing maxcaps against station threats without permission.


Following a discussion and vote by the admin team, consensus is to deny this appeal and apply a requirement for a voucher for future appeals. This is mainly because of the extensive history you have, and often having an aggressive attitude in ahelps.


You may appeal this ban but only 6 months after the date it was applied on(2024-03-31) and only with a voucher of good behavior.

A voucher of good behavior should be obtained from a well-known or decently active SS13/SS14 server. If it is a mainstream server, we recommend using that server’s admin-help to ask for a voucher from one of the administrators explaining that you are trying to appeal a ban on SS14’s Wizard’s Den and want to show you have been a problem-free player during your playtime on the server. A voucher should be indicative of at least a few months of play.


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