MaximillianChudiusV - Inappropriate character name

SS14 account username: MaximillianChudiusV.
Ban reason: “You were asked to change the name before, that name isn’t acceptable here.”
Date of ban: June 17th, 2023.
Length of ban: Ban can only removable via an appeal.
Events leading to the ban: 

  • On May 27th, 2023, after installing SS14, excited to play for the first time with my friend, decided to use the name “Theodore John Kaczynski” while eagerly waiting for my friend to join when the next round started. After playing for a bit, I got a message from a moderator who told me that this name had to be changed. I simply, and wrongly, ignored the notification without acknowledging that I would change my username. I realize now that I made a severe mistake and that encounter was totally avoidable.


  • When the round ended, I reached out in the chat to see if I could talk to a moderator to discuss any other names I could use. I didn’t get an answer, so I assumed that it was okay to continue using that as my name, as I wasn’t warned again afterwards during the next round. I understand how that behavior was also very irresponsible on my side, and inappropriate to the moderation team and the game’s community.


  • Yesterday, on June 17th, already having forgotten about my three-week-old blunder, I decided on playing the game again, totally oblivious to my prior error, and was banned for violating the server rules regarding character names.

Reason the ban should be removed: 

  1. This is a first-time offense. I hadn’t played SS14 before using that as my character’s name, and I didn’t mean to offend anyone with it: I didn’t have ill intentions.
  2. I had tried to talk with the moderators. After I got the notification asking me to change my username, I attempted to reach out at the end-of-round chat to discuss my issue with a moderator: I’m willing to engage with the moderators and make changes if necessary.
  3. I’ve acknowledged my mistakes, taken full responsibility for my actions, and expressed remorse for my behavior. I’m willing to learn from this error and become a better member of the community.
  4. This ban is not proportional to my offense. While it is very important to enforce SS14’s rules, a permanent ban just for a first-time username offense is too harsh. 

I made an easily avoidable mistake based on my own ignorance, but now I’ve committed to trying to correct my mistakes and becoming a responsible member of the community. Once again, I’m willing to comply with any necessary changes and I apologize for my reckless behavior.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my appeal.




The admin team has decided to accept this appeal. Ensure you have changed your character name before playing again and that you are familiar with the server’s rules.

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