Mctittes, allt accounts/ getting upset. REVİSED


SS14 account: Mctittes.
Character name: i cant remember tbh
Type of Ban: Permeant .
Date of Ban and Duration: it was about two months ago.
Reason for Ban: alt account, 
Server you were playing on when banned: wizardsDen
Your side of the story: I was banned for making more then 1 allt accounts and getting upset when my friend Loki was banned i in turn got upset and message the admin being rude about it because i was upset about the reason.
Why you think you should be unbanned: im not here to make waves i just wanna have fun i learn my lesson, i know the rules and hoping ill have the chance to play by them, again im sorry for the way i acted. 

Anything else we should know: this is my 3rd appeals i was told two weeks ago to try again in two weeks so here i am hoping for a shot


You’re still appealing a ban for “mctittes” on the account “chickenmctittes”. You don’t need two accounts. Which one do you want to play on if you get unbanned?

ahhh sorry i didn’t notice that the webpage was a different account Ill Appeal ‘chickenmctittes’ if thats okay

Ok. Open an appeal clarifying the correct account.

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