Meat steve's ban

SS14 account:tjkgordon
Character name:Meat steve
Type of Ban: Space Station 14 Ban
Date of Ban and Duration:  3 or 4 months ago, permanent.
Reason for Ban: Rdm and self antag, with a stunbaton, they harmbatonned people then proceeded to meatspike them, as player disconnected.
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard (think im banned on all because of what i did on lizard)

Your side of the story:  Played your typical cannibal chef, instead of lureing people into the kitchen i stole bodies from the morgue, Some people offered bodies to me, sec or doctors, stole dead naked players near cloneing aswell(disconnected or convicts), so i amassed alot of bodies into a freezer, meatspiked them, I did kill two people unjustly, One for eating all of the burgers and another for attempting to report to sec about the bodies in the freezer, also killed monkeys, but i think your allowed to, As the round ended i had left as it was a long round, roughly over a hour. I think what happened is that someone told the admin Yeah this guy killed half of the station, look at the room. which was a justified reason to ban me

Why you think you should be unbanned: Leading up to everything i did, i feel that it was fair to be banned but too harsh, as i wasnt instigating violence onto the people around me or ruining the experience of others, but did end one, as not to get perma brigged for the rest of the round.
Anything else we should know: If appealed, Meat steve will be removed and i will stop butchering people.

V also a reference of what the room looked like.


With an artistic rendition like that, how could we ever deny this appeal?

For real though, it looks like you understand what you did wrong. Your appeal is accepted. Do not do it again.

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