Mechagigachad- Banned for Mutiny as HoP

= For game bans =

SS14 account username: Mechagigachad
Ban reason: Mutiny as HoP. You are also indefinitely rolebanned from command
Date of ban: 02/21/23 or 02/22/23
Length of ban: Indefinite
Events leading to the ban: I hired an assistant and gave him HoP office access, captain assumed it was bridge access and kept trying to arrest the both of us and have us stripped of our roles. Tensions rose and due to power tripping, we decided to attempt a mutiny as we felt the captain was unfit for the role. When asked by Chief_Engineer who had a role in the mutiny I immediately owned up to it and explained that I will accept any punishment they see fit.
Reason the ban should be removed: I believe this ban should be removed as I did not immediately jump to a mutiny, and attempted to explain everything to the captain first, multiple times at that. He called security to my office multiple times to have the both of us arrested, and even the HoS and another secoff agreed that nothing wrong had taken place- maybe my assistant resisting arrest at most. After this, the captain still tried to remove us from the office on multiple occasions. When security was calling for a “Red Alert” for explosions, the captain ignored this, and “puppy dog guarded” the communications console- I ran in to set the station to red alert, and when I did this he began blasting me with his laser rifle. I do not recall if I called the vote for a mutiny before or after this event as it happened late last night. Some time after this happened, my assistant and I decided that our best course of action was to attempt to detain or remove the captain from his role as he was clearly on a power trip and did not care for the integrity of the station. After the mutiny was thwarted, and the Hos or Warden- I dont recall who- began asking the captain questions about what happened, he was short with them, rude, and clearly did not want to explain why it occurred, what happened, etc. (Security was dealing with other serious matters, and wanted answers). As stated in the previous tag, when asked by admins who was involved, what happened, etc. I owned up to it immediately, I recognize that it was a bad course of action and that is why I took responsibility right away. I enjoy playing on this server very much, and should this ban be lifted, I will happily follow the rules, and in the event of something similar will take it up with Centcomm first.

= For role/job bans =
Role(s): Command
Date of ban: 02/21/23 or 02/22/23
Length of ban: Indefinite
Events leading to the ban: Same as above
Reason the ban should be removed: Same story as above, but in order to prevent future instances or to “serve my time,” I will gladly spend my time working my way back up to command roles if the role ban should be lifted. I know that I have had the occasional previous issue or two, those were when I was still new to the game. However, in my time working command roles, I have not had many problems occur on my watch, and have often received praise after the game has ended. Should my roleban be lifted, as stated above, I will gladly work my way back up to deserving any form of command role, and should anything occur in which a power vacuum or struggle might seem inevitable, I will speak with centcomm first. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to join the Wizards Den again very soon.

We will not be considering your jobban appeal until long after you are unbanned.

That is more than okay with me, I understand completely

The game ban was meant to be 12 hours, a permanent ban was erroneously applied. Your game ban has been lifted, sorry for the mistake.

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