MikhKrug - the forbidden console announcement (round 40201)

Ban reason: “Zero-tolerance rule 3. Round 40201. Quote “We are officially releasing sex 2” Ammie Andrews (CEO and founder of sex)”

Lenght of ban: N/A

Events leading up to the ban:  round 40201 consisted of a lite zombie round. During the round HOP let some survivors in his office. Dying, he left his ID card, granting the ability to get almost AA and the ability to change user’s name and title. Me and some survivors took over the bridge (the friendly way, no bloodshed involved), i changed my title to be quote unqoute “CEO and founder of sex” and making an announcement with it. A funny idea, although, a stupid one. I also have to mention, that before the case i also made some announcementss, however, they are not mentioned in the reason, and i think shouldnt be considered as a violation

Reason the ban should be removed: Even though it was a zero-tolerance rule violation, there was no AHelp involved. Furthermore, the ban appeared after round 40202 had already started, and was in for ~10 minutes. The announcement wasnt intended to harm anybody and was just for the sake of making somebody laugh, altough, i understand that it was quite unnecessary. I think that the ban should be reconsidered for a warn, or a day ban, since the ban reason is more of rule 11 violation, rather than a rule 3 violation. 

Space Station 14 08.12.2023 233809.png

Admin consensus is to accept this appeal.

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