[mirrorcult] - Pie_Guy

SS14 account: Pie_Guy
Byond account: N/A
Character name: Richard McConnel
When was the ban: Sometime on 10/29/2021
Server you were playing on when banned: Miros [EU West 2]
Your side of the story: I…may…have said the n word. Just once in local chat (and I think it was broadcast on radio?), but just having said it once is still cringey as all hell.
Why you think you should be unbanned: This is my first ban and I was really excited to play the game, I didn’t take much time to read the rules. Also, from everything I’d heard about SS13, I thought that the whole community was the trolling type, you know them. The only experience I’d had is with the famous video by SsethTzeentach (my favorite story is the one about the backfiring voice-activated bomb and the max-melanin clown, inspiring my unfortunate use of the forbidden word) and I thought the game looked awesome, immediately put SS14 on my wishlist. Of course, being excited to play doesn’t excuse the fact that I didn’t take more consideration for the rules, for which I do apologize deeply. I promise to be a very good boy and not break any server rules.
Additionally, this isn’t my first go at getting banned once and then coming back to never break rules again (just trust me on this, please).
Anything else we should know: You look really cute in those headphones

(Sorry if this appeal seems like I’m not taking it seriously or being humorous. I trust you I’m taking it seriously, humor is how I cope with sadness.)

I’ll unban you. You seem genuinely apologetic, just make sure you read the rules and note that any similar infractions will make further appeals much, much harder.

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