Monkeyshit - ERP

SS14 account username: monkeyshit
Ban reason: Being a weirdo IC and also praying weird stuff
Date of ban: "06/20/2023
Length of ban: It isn’t mentioned I’m guessing it is an appeal ban
Events leading to the ban: I got the clown role and I said some things which were to me funny, however my judgemental wasn’t right so i went a bit far and said some weird prayers and also asked other players to give me little kisses. ( i tried to be a fun person)
Reason the ban should be removed: I feel like the ban was corrcetly put on me cause from an other person’s viewpoint it’s obviously inapproriate. However, i’m still new to the game and was trying to befriend some other players. This was my second day of playing and I chose the easier non-vital roles. I read the rules and got the basics of role playing. I tried to role play this type of charachter however, now i see that this isn’t how it’s supposed to be. You know i thought being IC meant I can play whoever I can, but of course there are limits and sorry for testing those with this. I never meant any harm and I was just trying to be funny as a clown and it got off on the wrong foot. So for the reason that i’m still very new and inexpirienced i think with a second chance i could finally be a useful member of this community. I am sorry for my actions.

For context, your full ban reason is as follows:
“Praying weird stuff like ‘i like children’ and ‘i cum often’ while being a weirdo in IC. ERP is not tolerated.”


I don’t see how you think this is remotely tolerated behavior in majority of online games.

Well as i said playing an IC character isn’t who am i and isn’t what i stand for in real life. I am new and what I said isnt what represents me while role-playing".

We are not interested in players who choose to play IC characters as you’ve portrayed.

Appeal again in a week (June 27th, 2023).

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