[Monstosity] - [Metagaming / self-antag spree]

SS14 account username: [Monstrosity]
Ban reason: [Metagaming, self-antag spree]
Date of ban: [02/04/23]
Length of ban: [Permanent I would assume because it’s appeal only]
Events leading to the ban: [Was informed of a neat roleplay idea where a group of people would join Lizard at the same time where we all HAD to believe what any other person had told us. This was like days beforehand and there was nothing else discussed of it and there was ZERO (at least myself personally) metagaming? metacomming? whatever I don’t know there’s so many terms being dished at it in the discord. During the round I had bumped into another Samuel and from there on as a Chaplain I decided we must all go to the church to pray in which we did. I will admit I did break the lights in the chapel just to fit the mood of having a group prayer session. From there an officer had stumbled in and a bunch of the other Samuels didn’t really like their presence so I asked them to leave but they decided to stay so we SHOVED them only to entice them to leave. I guess the other people took it a bit further than that and chased em off while still shoving and by the time I realized that, I kinda didn’t wanna be involved in that kind of behavior so I tried preaching peace to the other Samuels and to the Captain as well. The captain agreed to achieve peace but first he told us to kill someone so we kinda just did that and afterwards peace was announced. From there on I kind of stuck with the Samuel group a bit and really tried to just not be violent or annoying etc and encouraged the others to be so as well. I went about the round completing just general crew tasks, getting drunk, helping an officer arrest someone who killed the CMO, helped prevent kudzu spread or at least tried to since I only had my fists. Later on we had all stumbled upon bridge where there was a big KILL sign above captain and I was generally confused about it all and just a few moments after that I was banned.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I mean according to the official server rules there was no real metagaming (again, at least with myself) that took place. **“Do not talk with other users <u>actively playing the game through outside game means</u>…”** &nbsp;I only engaged in in-game chat and radio the whole round. Users in Discord discussed that well okay, if you say you weren’t metagaming then you were “metafriending” and at this point it kinda just feels like people are just trying to find a way to blame it as something. If metafriending is the case then everyone in the SS14 Discord who have their in-game character’s name present in their Discord nicknames are subject to metagaming or metafriending whatever since people know who that person is now. I also really did try to not be a nuisance but since I was involved in the crowd of other Samuels and some of their bad actions it’s with no doubt I was also punished.]

Please answer the following additional questions:

  1. Another person involved in the situation indicated that they were told that, at some point prior to the round, an admin had approved of the plan. Did someone also tell or otherwise communicate to you that an admin had approved? If so, who was it communicated to you by, do you know how the admin was contacted or who the admin was, and do you remember what specifically you were told an admin approved of?
  2. Was your character name and appearance also discussed in addition to the requirement that you each believe anything another one of you says?
  3. Who informed you of the idea?
  4. What was the extent of your involvement in the killing/gibbing of the person at the order of the captain?
  1. I myself had absolutely no idea or knowledge of any admin approving of the plan or anyone telling me an admin approved of the plan. I can’t answer anything you’re asking in this question.

  2. Yes, however we were simply informed that it’d be a chronological order thing and we were moreso identified by a number more than our name. I would also like to mention I didn’t even know who more than half of the other people were, as in I have literally never seen their existence inside or outside the game in my life other than two other Samuels - and even during the round it was still practically impossible to identify anyone that I might have known.

  3. I was informed of the idea by wufleee.

  4. I was unarmed with quite literally anything the entire round I think, the Captain beforehand telling us to execute said person claimed he had been injected with emergency pens of all sorts multiple times by the person he ordered us to kill so I did help kill the person. The captain had told us to kill him so y’know a lot of us I think really did try to kill him past crit and before the captain had said for us to stop the body got gibbed. I will come forward and say I’m quite newish to the game still compared to many other people so I have no idea what the gibbing threshold is or how much damage humans are able to output with their fists alone since I have only played as a lizard and are familiar with their damage output only, so I was genuinely surprised that the body did get gibbed. Anyway, my involvement was punching from when the captain told us to kill to when the captain told us to stop and I am almost confident by the time he said stop the body gibbed.

From your perspective, did wufleee appear to be the person primarily responsible for organizing this or did they just seem to be the one who brought you in? If they didn’t seem responsible for the organization, who did?

You have over 48 hours of active playtime on Wizard’s Den servers alone, with almost 20 hours in the security department. Do you believe that it is justified to execute someone for injecting multiple emergency pens into the captain? When, if ever, do you feel the sequence of events where someone is beaten to crit, then to death, then gibbed in response to them injecting someone with multiple emergency pens begins to be considered overescalation by the server’s rules?

I still have no clue who was the original coordinator of this all. To me, wufleee was just the person who brought me in on it. As I mentioned earlier I legitimately know no else alongside all the other people making appeals for this incident besides randy.

I do not believe it is justified to execute someone over that no, however in the moment it felt like it came off as an _order _from the captain specifically which is why I did participate in it. Thinking about it now it feels similar to a “If your friend jumped off a bridge and told you to do the same, would you?” type of scenario. 

I feel the sequence of events begins to be considered overescalation just after probably no more than two punches to someone in a non-crit state. 

Also related to “metagaming” and how difficult it may be to disprove it as an admin I would like to show you the only evidence I have that at no point during the round was I ever in communication with someone who was also playing during the round. I was in a call with someone long before the incident began and ~2 or more hours after we had all been banned.
image (2).png

Does the person who you were in a call with have a SS14 account? If so, can you provide the username so that we can verify they weren’t in the round with you?

They do, they’ll be unavailable until tomorrow but common usernames I know of theirs off the top of my head would be cooter, or cootsi.


There are five appeals open across five different users for the same offense. To save everyone some time, I am going to copy/paste this response which will contain dispositions for each player involved in this. These dispositions represent the consensus of the entire administration team, not just myself.

The Issue

A large group of individuals pre-planned an appearance and naming scheme to facilitate identifying one another in-game. This identification of one another was used to form a mob and act as a cohesive unit to which other players had little hope of doing anything against due to the number of players involved. This is metagaming (using outside information, who those other players actually are, to your advantage). This mob of individuals engaged in a large amount of disruptive activity generally taking the form of a protest or riot (saying “peaceful riot” doesn’t change the fact you are calling for a riot, which would fall into “calling for strikes, revolutions, cults, etc.”).

Regardless of if the metacommunication was done during the round or done before the round to pre-plan this does not matter, we still see it as metacommunication and it was clearly abused to the detriment of other players not involved in it. 

The Verdicts

Rodriguez_Hasselhoff - As this is your second appeal ban, you will remain appeal banned and require a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server to appeal. You may only provide that voucher and an appeal after six months from now (Aug 11, 2023).

Wulfeee - You, alongside Rodriguez, appear to be the primary instigators or organizers of this. It seems clear to us from a discord screenshot provided by randy10122 that you intended to bend the rules to your advantage to facilitate the metamob without using the textbook definition of metacommunications. You also were forum banned while we mysteriously had a bunch of users we had never seen before show up on Rodriguez’s first appeal. While I have undone your forum ban, you will remain appeal banned and it is highly unlikely you will successfully appeal your ban without a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server.

WYATTWYATT100 - Your ban will be reduced to one week from now. From what I see in the logs you were clearly orchestrating a mob or riot to the detriment of the station. Multiple instances of you directing the mob or trying to instigate it to cause trouble or antagonize people. You have been cordial within the appeal, so we will step this down to only a week for now.

randy10122 - We will accept this appeal.

Monstrosity - We will accept this appeal.

elixirsoup - We will accept this appeal.

R3TR0_T4P3Z - We will accept this appeal.


Our banning policy dictates that the next appeal ban after the first will automatically be a voucher ban. Voucher bans require a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server and are unappealable for six months after they have been issued. For those unbanned, if you wish to continue playing on Wizard’s Den we strongly suggest you re-read the rules and be on very good behavior.

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