[Mooney] Username: Scruffy

Posted 4 hours ago

SS14 account: WhateverWorks

Byond account: N/A

Character name: Scruffy

When was the ban: I didnt play for two days and this happens

Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard Den Lizard [US WEST] 

Your side of the story: I was banned for saying naughty N word. 

Why you think you should be unbanned: English is not my first language, and i type blindly. I never once thought it will be a problem but i can see how in this situation it can, and was, taken the wrong way. I stand by my word, that I am, at the core, an honest player, always going out of my way to teach new guys engi, report misbehaviour and power abuse, and trying to have best fun while not being a toxic asshole to all around me. Usage of such wording while playing the round is as much gross to me, as it was to admin banning me. The proof of this may be me trying to protect the clown in the game, when pepole thought he was saying racis stuff, when i knew it was his pAI and player in it, as i reported it at once, to clear the situation and get the one responsible, not the innocent blamed for it.

Why should you get this opportunity
Because i never intended on saying  such naughty word. I am from Poland, we dont even have afro people around, and i dont hate just because its ,cool" or ,funnie"  I see absolutly no reaslon to hate on anyone, especially in game where logs are stored and admins are active, and all you have to do is click ahelp to report misbehaviour. It was honest typo, as i always play with my legs on my desk typing blindly, and this was, i have to admit, a very ridicioulous situation and typo, but it did not make any sense, and there was never any other time it was used by me ever, so i really believe you can take my word for it when i say it was not intentional.

Was your ban unfair?: By law? Maybe not. But i still will stand my ground that i got banned with a shrapnel of explosion that was not pointed at me, as i did not wanted to offend anyone, was not calling anyone in context of usage the word, and i still think thats a bit unfair that my appeal was denied. Im sorry if I came out strong or assholy in previous one, but this was a big shock for me , as i usually play a round or two every day and really love this game in my little spare time, so getting banned forever was a big blow

Anything else we should know: I can say im sorry, because I am. But not for saying that word, as i had no real intention of doing that. I feel sorry that i will now, due to this ban automatization, will never be able to play this great game again, and meet my in game friends that i made while playing this couple of months. If i wont come back and this appeal will get rejected to I want to say that Keria Cox was a great buddy, always helpfull and kind, Zor was biggest prankster and he was always real, and Talon can play best mime there is (apart from Midi). See you around guys, maybe i will be able to play again someday.

File a better appeal in two weeks.

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From Rejected to Ban Appeals