Moony - Akkiller12

SS14 account: Akkiller12

Character name: Doc oc
When was the ban: 5m ago, Server name Wizard’s Den Lizard
Your side of the story: I was just playing my role as a syndicate, and was using my holo to infiltrate and remove any competition out of the way.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I spawned in as a syndicate and was just doing the job, when you suddenly out of nowhere asked me who my holo was and then without any further communication perma banned me from meta communication, i find the way you deal with players rude and i could not even respond to your chat when you banned me for it.
Anything else we should know: Let people explain themselves or defend themselves before you issue any ban would be nice.
appeal, include it here.

Would you like to explain why/how you and another player from the same region as you coordinated without speaking, pointing, or otherwise conveying information in-game, and how you were aware your holoparasite was changed out?

My first holo i just let loose when i needed the help and i would just see how that will work out.

And with the second holo i saw a message that a holo came to life, i talked with the holo and told him that when i summon him he needed to attack the people near me.

thats all there was to the situation.


That’s a pretty radical style change considering how coordinated you two seemed.

Well thats because i let the first one do his own thing and that seemed to work for me, when the other holo came along i just wanted it to be sure so i told him what i expected off him and in some cases i pointed out when i needed something done specifically.

I dont see anything wrong with playing like this, and then i got banned for meta communication.

The fact that you only said 3 things the entire round is, off. One was a random question, and 2 was directed at the new Holo. Kind of weird that after seeing what the first holo did, that you gave the second holo instructions. 


Also how you got the holo was peculiar. The person you killed, who didnt fight back or tried to even run away, was the same person who became your holo. Within one minute, you killed someone and that exact person took over the holo parasite. No self defense, no running, but they werent afk. To top it off with the level coordinated attack that you two had with absolutely no in game conversation. 

Do i need to talk ingame to begin with? it seems like i need to talk or something or its instant meta communication weird to assume this.

When i was killing the guy in the ventilation area he was trying to run away so you assuming he was not running is incorrect, i killed the person while he was running away, if he takes the holo i injected myself with how would i know about this, i did not communicate with the holoparasite at all so its not like i know who the holo is to begin with.

If he wants to take the holo its up to him not me.

In many cases i almost died because of the holo to begin with so the level of coordination was not there it was just holo spawns in and just fighting, where i got injured aswell and almost died multiple times while running away.

this is the guy i was the holo of right? i was following him to a bar like room if i remember correctly. He was making gestures because he was a mime, thought he wanted to show me something and then he attacked me. I dont know where you got it from that i just let myself get killed. thats literally a lie. I was trying to run away and fight back.

after i died i saw lots of open spawn positions and also holoparasite. seeing as ive never been one before i wanted to try it out ofcourse.

also i wouldnt call our effort that coordinated, a few times he spawned me in situations with many people, and i just attacked everyone i saw.

Mm. I see a couple of patterns here. You both have connected within 30 seconds of each other multiple times (not including server resets). You both uploaded your appeals within a few minutes of each other and you both pretty much said the exact same thing.

In our eyes you’ve failed to address the claims about the communication difference between the two holos. So we’re going to deny this.

Try again in a month.

Handled offsite. Re-appeal in one week.

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From Rejected to Ban Appeals