Moony - KuroReaper

SS14 account: KuroReaper
Character name: Stella Flint
When was the ban: 15/4/2022
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US West]
Your side of the story: As I was RP-ing as a she/her character, Stella Flint. I had ordered an SMG crate from cargo and was looking for HoS so that he could open them. Eventually made my way to sec to find out that HoS had been doing nothing but lazing about for the entirety of the round. I said something along the lines of “HoS is a waste of cum” solely because of how unproductive they were at the time. There was a doctor there at sec. I was hurt. I asked her to heal me and as she was,  I said, “You have pretty fingers”.  Just making small casual girls talk. I took notice to how short her character was compared to mine and the rest so I asked for her age. Cause y’know, just like SS13, SS14 has an in-game character age. I got adhelp’d by Moony and another admin telling me that I was indulging in ERP and being very creepy when in reality I wasn’t. All I said was that HoS was a waste of cum. There was nothing explicitly erotic about it or the statements I made towards the doctor. The other admin there was going to tried me with just a verbal warning. Then Moony stepped in and said that they had a better idea and banned me permanently without allowing me to properly defend or plead my case. Which leads me to my next question… Are all bans permanent? Are verbal warnings not a thing?

Why you think you should be unbanned: It’s been almost 8 months. I know better and won’t do it again. Also, again I had over 100 hours in SS14 - I know better than to blatantly ERP. 

14 minutes ago, Emisse said:


FYI appeal bans are meant so that you can explain on the forums what happened. It’s not an indefinite ban. Standard procedure for any ban containing something that could be construed as ERP. 


1 hour ago, KuroReaper said:

I said, “You have pretty fingers”.  Just making small casual girls talk.

If you don’t recognize how this is creepy you should probably stop appealing.

fuck off.

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