Moth's should be given a trait that slowly makes them walk toward a light and touch it

Here is my stupid Ideagays that I would enjoy seeing. Moths are obviously drawn to lights in real life so why not add it in game.

Essentially someone playing as a Moth would slowly or occasionally start walked towards the closest/brightest light in the room, and if they let it happen will start touching the light taking slight burn damage.

It could start after not moving or being AFK for a certain amount of time or just occasionally just moving towards a light.

It’s the most Ideagays I know.

this should probably be toggleable like other traits if added but this would be very funny

Technically moths aren’t draw to light, they simply become disoriented and are unable to tell which way is up, due to assuming up is roughly aligned with the direction of the light, which results in careening toward it when they try to fly.

Yes, I’m a nerd.

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Hey that’s awesome, I had no idea! You just gave me another idea then, When this “trait” occurs their camera also gets reoriented in a random direction so they no longer know which was is “up”.

I get that it’s a funny moth joke and the kind of humour absolutely fits the game, but it sounds like it has incredibly high potential to be more frustrating than it is fun.
Though, maybe some specific reactions to flashes (like walking random directions for a bit, flipping controls or the camera rotation thing) would be fitting? Still a neat reference, still will happen, but just niche enough to not cause too much issue in normal gameplay.

Right, as TheDoctor1977 said it would most likely have be a trait toggle, similar to pathological liar or narcolepsy which all have “gameplay issues” that would be considered frustrating.

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