MR.Fischer it says RDM and that i left before i could be contacted

SS14 account username: MR.Fischer
Ban reason:  RDM and left before i could be contacted
Date of ban: 16.07.2023
Length of ban: no time so perma i gess
Events leading to the ban: thats the thing i dont know what the reason was,  but me last game looked like this, im a passenger i want to rob someone, robery goes wrong i get put in jail and there is an anoucment that nukies are coming, i ask sec for some o2 and a mask so that i might survive once sec gets destroyed, they refuse and dont care i get relased after some time and get another anoucmnet that nukies got killed, i find a nukie body with a gun and a boom stick and decide to become the new nukie to get revange on sec for puting me in jail, i say on the radio that i the new nukie and that im dengerus so peple can look out for me, i throw me boom stick(dont kill anyone) i shoot one guy to crit and run to the cheple, some random atoms guy with and axe comes to the cheple i say “IN THE NAME OF THE SYNDICET” and shoot the guy one time(i do this so that he knows that i wnat to hurt him but still has time to react and actualy fight me and not just die) we fight for some time i shoot him and he crit, some passenger comes and sec, thay kill me i die and thats it, i was there plaing until i died after i was a ghost for some time, i got no admin massages
Reason the ban should be removed: i was playing until the end, i was playing fair game saying that i am not freindly and giving me oponets time to react and not just killing them, ileft only when i died so i dint RDM and if me play style was breking the rule “dont be an asshole” i should not get a perma ban for that, i get a normel ban for alike 2 or 3 weeks but perma

Have you read the server rules?

i did

Do you not think that deciding to be a nukie then going and killing people violates the self antag rule?

This is your second appeal-ban for blatantly killing other players as a non-antagonist and leaving once it goes sour for you, among a myriad of notes for self-antag or borderline self-antag behavior. Denied. Do not appeal without a voucher of good behavior from another server.

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