Mrjoe-Metacommunication Metafriending


SS14 account username: Mrjoe
Ban reason: “Heavily suspected metacommunication / metafriending.”
Length of ban: Appeal only
Events leading to the ban: Often spectating and playing ghost roles. Mostly not doing much in the round. Also played mime and clown a lot before the ban.
Reason the ban should be removed: I do not play this game with any friends outside of this game. I only play by myself. I wish to be unbanned and the names mentioned I have seen in other ban appeals are people who I do not know or do not remember interacting with. Further explanation would be better, Thankyou.

This is related to a round about 10 days ago where you /suicided near roundstart as a crewmember and then almost immediately took a ghost role as a nukie reinforcement, making it seem as if you were aware of the existence of the role somehow. Do you remember this round, and are you able to provide any information about the situation?

To ensure you’re not missing anyone, here are the names mentioned in other appeals:
Archee - Lillian Sholl
nhil - Clayton Sheets
Toboyo - Toboyo Coatse
toe_stab - Willy Sulyard
Skarlet - Moren Rathens

I completely understand where your coming from. But if you check logs I have joined round as passengers and then suicided multiple times (Yeah I should just do ghost my mistake) But I swear this was just dumb luck. I 100% see where your coming from but the thing is I do not know anyone on that list as I said I do not play with friends I play alone. I can even DM you on discord to show my steam friend list to show you that I do not know these people. Edit: Also I have no reason to do things against the rules like this as I have put 650 hours into this game. I really love this game as I wanted to play ss13 but I didnt exactly like it the most. There is no point at all for me to just to flop it like this

The admin team has decided to accept your appeal. In the future, please do not suicide roundstart as it gives the impression of antag rolling when done too frequently, which is an issue even if no metacomms are involved.

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