MrMcMan - Banned before I could even connect?

Ban reason: “Not only were you a moron here you went to be a moron on SS13 too. No appeal.” 
Length of ban: Perm
Events leading to the ban: I genuinely have no clue why I was banned. This is my first time on Space Station 14 and I’ve never played it before, I know it says not to appeal but I don’t have a reason to be banned, why wouldn’t I appeal that? I’ve never gone onto SS13 either. I just saw a YouTuber play this game, so I tried it out.
Reason the ban should be removed: I’ve never been on here before, and I haven’t even played this game at all, I’m really confused as to why this is the case because I just want to try it out. I am playing in a hotel right now and I don’t have very long until ill be on the road again so I’d love to play this before I can’t for a while. I just plan on having fun, no problems what so ever.

It looks like this ban was intended for another player, potentially using your same connection, like you mentioned if you are at a hotel it could have been blacklisted in the past for this previous users behavior not yours.
I can only suggest to try again when you are not at the hotel or on mobile connection if possible and you should not have this issue logging in.

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