SS14 account: Mutes
When was the ban: don’t remember
Server you were playing on when banned: was not in any server but still am banned from all ofcc
Your side of the story: i told my friend to cut stuff up as a dare and while i was NOT in the server i was talking to him over discord again i was Not playing any games.
Why you think you should be unbanned: i love playing this game and it’s one of the only servers that are high pop and fun and did not know what metacomming was ever but i do know. and i do learn from my mistakes so next time I’m on ss14 i’ll have discord just closed all the time.
Anything else we should know: i hope to bring back a lesson i can tell others not to do what i did.

We log every time you connect to a Wizard Den server. I can tell you the exact times that both you and your friend logged in on 4/16. With that knowledge, do you still want to claim you were not online when you told your friend Beanyboi69 to disassemble the station as a drone?

i joined before he joined me and left before he left he was in the server for longer than i was i don’t know how long but 
maybe and hour or half an hour but if you don’t want to believe me that’s ok

Mmm, nope. You both joined within one minute of each other on 4/16. You also both tried joining at the same time on 4/17. You are blatantly lying to me.

Appeal denied. Come back in a week and after you’re ready to tell the truth.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals